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Shower Room Categories

Feb 08, 2017

Shower room shower room and shower according to the functions press corner style shower room, a shape bath screen, circular shower, bath-bath

Screen; according to the chassis shape square, circular, fan-shaped, diamond-shaped shower; doors sliding doors, folding doors, swing doors shower room.

Shower room features more, prices are higher, generally cannot do. Shower room and sauna with steam function, heart disease, high blood pressure, patients and children should not be used on the steam room. And overall shower room compared, simple shower room no "roof", style rich, its basic structure is end of basin or artificial stone end of Kan or natural stone end of kan, end of basin texture has ceramic, and acrylic, and artificial stone,, end of Kan or end of basin Shang installation plastic or tempered glass shower room, tempered glass door has general tempered glass, and quality tempered glass, and water corrugated tempered glass and cloth lines tempered glass, material.