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How To Buy Shower Rooms

Feb 08, 2017

Shower handles, levers, hinges and other accessories can not be ignored, because glass has a small corner piece damaged glass automatically burst, high

Stall shower in the adjustment function of structure's shower room designs, such as the wall material has vertical and horizontal resize function, it can correct deviations caused by cement workers and fitters. Metal parts made of copper fittings and stainless steel fittings, in 304 stainless steel is best. Effect copper accessories quality of important factors is plating of quality, shower room all of plating pieces (including plastic pieces) must guarantee seven layer plating, first layer plating alkali copper, and second layer plating rubber copper (with of is world Shang best of South Africa imports rubber copper), and third layer plating acid copper (plating three layer different nature of copper, purpose is times cleaning, and dressing filled copper pieces surface tiny of pinhole), and fourth layer plating half light nickel, and five layer plating full light nickel, and six layer nickel front, and (because nickel this elements surface is cellular-like of, Must pass through the two layers of different types of nickel plating to fixed pit, so as to avoid the product surface quality problems such as black dots, needle), seventh floor, chrome plated to prevent corrosion finish, hardness and wear resistance of the surface paint handling, more wear-resistant, easily hurt. Eighth floor 12-hour oil seal, protection of all coated, guarantee the service life of the coating and substrate. Without black spots on its surface, blistering, delamination and other negative phenomena.