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Shower room toughened glass blew it?

Feb 08, 2017

Qualified shower room are made of tempered glass, which is based on security considerations. If you use ordinary glass shower room, glass, once damaged, mass fragments of glass fragments in a large area, can cause great harm to the human body, cut the skin, muscles, blood vessels, and so on. Qualified choice of tempered glass vital, whether anthropogenic fragmentation, or was explosion of glass, can be completely avoided these hazards. Although tempered increases burst rate, but after a burst of fragment size can be completely controlled in the context of national standards, if you use a steel, debris had caused serious damage to the human body of the General Assembly. Meanwhile, bathroom glass needed hardware is clamped, heat-strengthened glass due to substantial extent significantly decreased, not only failed to reduce the rate of self, but in the presence of hardware fastening increases the likelihood of self.